Escaping reality in reality

There is something comforting about hotel lobbies. Like being in front of a portal to a world where you are simply a guest. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA No commitments, no expectations, no definite plans. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I am here just for a while, I don’t need to own this place to enjoy it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I take in the scent of overpowering restroom airfreshners – which I would never use at home – and I vibrate with  the expectations of discovering the place. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Why do I feel so good about this blissful uncertainty and change completely once the holiday is over? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our whole lives are temporary stop-overs in places we call ‘homes’. Do we really enjoy them better because we give them a permanent status? Because they are full of stuff we call ‘our own?’


Or we need our homes to have something to escape from? Or it’s me, a constant escapist, somewhere over the rainbow when I’m not behind a photograph? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


2 thoughts on “Escaping reality in reality”

  1. Really interesting thoughts. I kind of feel home every time I stay in a hotel, it’s pretty much the same as being in my flat for me. I’m kind of living everywhere. Is that reality? 😀

    1. Thanks for sharing that, it’s a very different way to experience “home” indeed. I feel reality is what we choose to call reality. By simple fact that you experience “home” so different from me I believe is proof that reality’s not something set in stone, but very personal – it may sound too existentialist a thought, maybe?
      I will try to see how it feels to think of my home as a hotel, a good exercise to rediscover home, I guess.

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