Love is…

When my husband, Sean, suggested that I put together a collection of my photographs around the theme ‘Love is…’ I started to look at my photos looking for love. Looking for love or the lack of it, in sunsets and flowers and the buildings in Paris or in the ferocity of the sea on a stormy day in Donegal. Sometimes love was so obvious in the most unexpected shots – like this one, of my dog Siog (left), who I am sure was in love with this stranger for the first time, as I had never seen her look at a dog like this.

Seize the moment

I also discovered the lack of love in some of the photos and I could almost feel the coldness in some of them, crying out for lack of it.

Worry land

I know that we have heard or read too often that love is everywhere and most often we expect to find it just among us, humans, as if love owes us. But why do we have such a hard time to find it sometimes? Is it because we are looking for it in all the wrong places? Or are we even really looking for it, further than a smile, a hug or a kiss from the other half?

So I decided that for a while, I will be looking for love when I frame my photos, be that I will focus on humans or dogs or sunsets (I am too lazy to wake up for the sunrise) or a piece of concrete. Umberto Eco once wrote that you can connect anything to anything if you only try, so is it that easy to connect with love?

To see more of my photos – Here


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